Thursday, April 12, 2012

Home Remedy for Dark Knees and Elbows

Dark knees and elbows is very common in many people. It is not a big problem but it can be very embarrassing, especially for women

Here are some home remedies that most people find very effective for whitening dark knees and elbows. Most of which can be found inside your home, especially in the kitchen.

1. Fresh Lemon Juice – Freshly squeezed lemon contains natural bleaching properties. Dip a cotton ball on freshly squeezed lemon and rub on knees and elbows. Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes, before rinsing it off thoroughly. Apply moisturizing lotion or body cream after. You can repeat this method twice a day to achieve best results.

2. Fresh Kalamansi Juice – Some people don’t always have lemon at home. You can use freshly squeezed kalamansi Juice instead. Do the same method as the lemon juice. This is found to be very effective. In fact, Some Filipino celebrities testified that kalamansi juice is very effective in whitening knees and elbows and even under arms.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide has good bleaching properties too. This can help whiten dark knees and elbows as well.

4. Natural Scrub – Exfoliate your knees and elbows regularly with Natural Scrubs. You can mix Oatmeal, Cream and Milk. Apply the scrub to your knees and elbows. Scrub for a few minutes and rinse off. This method can help remove dead skin cells that causes dark skin.

5. Coconut Oil and Lime – Coconut Oil also has bleaching ingredients in it. If mixed with lime, this can be a very effective mixture that is very good for the skin. The mixture will look like a lotion. You should apply this to the knees and elbows and leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse off.

Generally. The skin will look and feel healthy if we know how to properly take care of it. If you want healthy, fair and glowing skin, The most important thing you should understand is how to be healthy. When you are healthy inside, it shows on your skin.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

My Hello Kitty Inspired Glasses

These Hello Kitty Inspired Glasses are getting really popular here in the Philippines. They are so cute and really gives anyone who is wearing a fun and sassy look. I always see these on my news feed on facebook. I really love Hello Kitty and I collect Hello kitty things. So I decided to make Hello Kitty Glasses for myself and also for my online store as an addition to my products.

I would really love to share how it looked like and how it would look when worn. It is really super super cute and I am so in love with it. So here it is.

That is me wearing the glasses I made. hahahah. I love it. I  made them in different colors and sizes. Hope you liked it. ^_^