Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Nichido Juicy Lips Lipstick

Products information:
- Nichido Juicy Lips Lipstick
- has 6 shades Champagne, Tangerine Pop, Raspberry Float, Berry Freeze, Apple Cider, Hawaiian Punch (NO RED SHADE)
- Contains 4g of product
- Glossy / Satin finish
- Very affordable @ only Php88
- Made in The Philippines

First, I will talk about the packaging. I really love the packaging not only for its color but also for the simplicity of it. It's a very eye-catching color for those girly girls like me who loves the color pink. I also love that the product completely retracts back inside the tube. It prevents you from accidentally breaking or scratching the top part of the lipstick when you put back the cover.

The shades of the lipstick are very neutral and very teen friendly. They are also perfect for everyday and simple makeup looks. I can say they have perfectly wearable shades. The smell is a plus as well. It has a hint of sweet scent that is not overwhelming at all and completely disappears after you've applied it on your lips.

It feels very light and moisturizing when applied and it glides on smoothly. In my experience with this product, It is very moisturizing and it did not cause my lips to dry and chap. But I had to reapply the product every 2 hours because it turns matte after a while. But when I removed it, It actually made my lips softer.

Considering its price (Php88.00), This is actually a really great product.
This can be found all around the Philippines at any SM Department Stores, Robinsons Department Stores and Watsons.


Pigment - 8/10
Scent - 10/10
Staying power - 7/10
Shades - 9/10
Consistency - 10/10
Packaging - 10/10
Price - 10/10

Will I buy this again???

I also did a review about this on my YT channel. If you're interested, Please watch.

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