Friday, December 13, 2013

My Thrift Finds

I have been thrifting a lot this year and I have found some great stuff so far. A new thrift store has opened a few months ago and I've been going there a lot since. I love how affordable the clothes are but still if you look closely and patiently, You will definitely find some great treasures hiding in all those racks. Also, I have been visiting some other "ukay ukay" near my location. I really enjoy looking through the many racks of clothing, shoes, and bags from those thrift shops and I love how I can buy a lot of stuff with just a limited amount of cash in my pocket.

So here are some of the treasures I found while thrifting. I promise you, all the stuff I got all together will not reach P1000 in total. They might not even amount to P500 all in all and some are even from famous brands of clothing.

The first one is this oversized knit cardigan that I absolutely love. I have worn this cardigan many times since I bought it. This only cost me P35. Super affordable yet so stylish.

This is a super cute sweater and this is from the brand BASIC HOUSE which is a brand that is famous in Korea endorsed by famous Korean actor and actress Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Hyun Joong. Basic House has also opened some stores here in the Philippines. I got this one for only P35 at a thrift shop and it looks like it hasn't been used that much. So it's a great deal.

I have been wanting to get a denim jacket for the longest time, but I can't really find anything in my budget. lol. I know, I am not a fan of spending a lot of money on just one clothing item and denim jackets are really expensive on malls. Although it's kind of hard to find a good one in thrift shops because they usually have only huge ones. But then, I got lucky and finally found one that fits just right and the design is not too ridiculous looking. lol. I paid only P20 for this one, although it's missing its buttons. But anyway, I can easily replace those and I'm pretty sure the buttons won't cause me a lot.

Now this corally pink blazer just caught my attention the first time pulled it out of the rack and laid eyes on it. I swear I could not let it go. I don't know for sure, but I was so scared it might be taken by other buyers if I put it back on the rack, So I just held on to it while looking for other things to buy. Although this was one size larger than my size, I just could not let it go, because I know on the back of my mind that I can surely alter it myself and I did and it fits me perfectly now. Paid P20 for this beauty.

This little black dress was just what I was looking for when I went to my favorite thrift shop. The dress is just plain and simple. Not too dressy, not too boring, but it can be worn on different occasions and even when you're just going to the mall or a date. Just add sparkly jewelry, a nice little clutch and a sexy pair of heels and you're good to go for a romantic dinner date. Or you can just wear a ballet shoes with a matching handbag and go for a more casual look for going shopping with your BFF's. This dress was only P20. I'm not familiar with the brand but it says Jil Co. Fashion.

I really love polka dot prints. I don't know why, But I'm just so attracted to it. This black and white polka dotted denim jacket just got me hooked and again, I can't bare to let it off my hands. I think this is kind of a unique piece, So I just bought it. Even though, it's a little too big for me. I thought to myself, Well I can alter this too. Because I really want this jacket and I can't really ask for a smaller size in a thrift shop, That would be embarrassing. I mean, who asks for sizes in a thrift store? lol. Okay, so back to the jacket. This one is actually from the brand ESPRIT. This is my 2nd thrifted item from this brand. I swear if you look super closely and patiently in those racks of clothes, You will find some great pieces and branded ones too. This was only P20. What a steal, Right!

This is an unfinished high waist shorts that I made of a huge button down shirt that I found in the thrift store. When I saw the shirt on the rack, The first thing that came to my mind was "Oh my God. shorts!". I don't know, I guess I just have some ideas inside my brain and when I saw the material of the shirt, It just all came together and this is the result. I will upload some photos of the stuff I altered and refashioned from thrifting on my next blog post. So the shirt was also P20.

Now, This one I absolutely love. Well, my hubby didn't. lol. He thought it was too short and it will not fit me. He thinks it's too small for me. Should I be mad because he thinks I'm fat and bigger than I actually am? But his disbelief did not shake me. lol. I still bought the shorts. I love the color, I love that it is high waisted and I love that it is from the brand top shop. Which is a really expensive brand here in my country, I imagine this one to be in the P1000 price range or even higher. But I only paid P20 for it. In the end, I proved my husband wrong and it actually fits me perfectly and he was kind of shocked to learn that.

I just adore and love these army boots. I found this one in a thrift store near where my hubby works. the shop only sells shoes and bags. I was so excited to find that they have shoes and sandals for sale for only P150. I thought I could find something I like and pay only a small amount. So as I looked around, I saw boots and clipped on the front was a piece of paper that says P100. I couldn't believe it so I asked the sales lady first if the price of those boots were really just P100 and she confirmed it. So I started looking at them and picking out the ones I liked and tried them on. Out of 4, I picked my final 2. This army boots that says Bianca as the brand and the one from "GAP" which was a kind of blue-ish green felt material. I'm not really sure what the material was called. It has some 2 inch heels and also an ankle boots, which was what I was looking to buy. The Gap one was really cute and sexy looking and it was my size, but I can't really seem to fit my foot inside it. Well, I figured since my feet is kind of fat. Not the thin and sexy kind. So the gap booties were just not for me. So I went for this nice pair of army boots and they fit really nicely and is more wearable and not too festive looking. lol

Those are the clothes and shoes that I have accumulated on my numerous trip to thrift stores around. The grand total of all the clothes and shoes in this post is only P290. See!? I told you they won't go up to P500. How crazy is that?! I am officially a thrift addict, A certified ukayista.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you loved my post about my thrifted clothing and stuff. More DIY and thrifted fashion in my future post.


Friday, December 06, 2013

My Youtube Videos for September to November

So just to update my blog a bit on my activities on my channel, I will share some of my recent video uploads from last September up to the month of November. You might think it's going to be a lot of videos, But no, I didn't have too much activity on my channel as well. But here are my videos. Enjoy!

The first on is my September haul, I got a good quantity of to show in this video. Mostly beauty stuff. My makeup collection has really grown since the first makeup video I made on my channel. Almost every month I get to buy and receive new beauty stuff to add to my collection and I am really very happy about it.

Since the fall makeup trend is really popular these days, I decided to do a makeup look for it. I know I don't have all the resources for it yet, like the dark plum lip color or deep dark red, but Since I got a new Clinique lipstick from my mom and it is a brown one, I just mixed it with my pink flame and love that red lipstick from ever bilena and I think it worked well.

Now, this DIY video excites me. Because I have been wanting to do this DIY in a long time now. Finally, I did it and it turned out so nice. I already used it to the mall twice and I really like how it looked on my feet and I love how easy it is to make.
Yet another haul, this is for the month of October and November. I actually forgot to make an October haul video so I just merged both months together and this turned out to be a huge haul. The biggest haul I have ever had. Well, it was fun and I love all the stuff that I got. Most of it are from my mom, like 98.9%. I didn't even include my thrift store finds and the clothes I got from my mom as well. But I will include those in a different video.

Well, I think that is all for today's blog post. I hope you can watch all the videos I shared and like it. It would really mean the world if you could share it too. I need more views for my videos. hehe heh

hugs and kissy
Ciel <3 p="">

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How I Organize My Makeup

Okay, So I am super late in updating this blog. But I have been very busy the past weeks or months, So I can't really write anything. I actually just squeezed in some videos for my Youtube Channel.

I recently decided to organize my makeup area in our small house and it was actually a fun task and I got the chance to film everything. So just to give you an idea of how much makeup I own before, here's a photo.
Yeah. That's everything... Not much to look at and some are just cheap ones. Not even drugstore brand. But I have Maybeline, Nivea, Avon and ever bilena. 

So in this video, You will see how much my makeup collection have grown and how I will organize them using things that can be easily found at department stores, office supply stores and things I found around my house.

I uploaded this video like a month ago and as of now, I have added a few more products to my collection with a huge help from my mom who buys me a lot of great stuff which I am greatly thankful about.

If you want to see my makeup tutorials, Hauls, Reviews and DIY videos. Please visit my Youtube channel it's

Saturday, August 03, 2013

DIY: Old Lady Dress to Cute Sun Dress

I love thrifting and I love reconstructing and/or refashioning something. I saw a dress in the mall and I instantly fell in love with it when I tried it on. I really wanted to get the dress, But unfortunately I already bought a lot of stuff and I might hurt the hubby's pocket if I buy another one. 

And then..... I saw this old lady dress on a local Thrift Shop and I thought I could make it into the dress I want. Just like the one I saw in the mall. So I immediately got the dress and went back home and searched for a pattern on google and pinterest. But, I didn't find one. :( 

So, I decided to just kind of eyeball it and just use logic to recreate the dress, And here is what I came up with.
I laid the dress flat on the floor and measure the length I want from under my chest all the way down below my knee, Because that's how long I want my dress to be. Then I cut straight.
I cut off the sleeves. The sleeves will be the upper front part of my dress. 
I located the middle part of the dress and marked it and laid the 2 pieces of sleeves that I cut earlier. Step 1 to step 2 in this picture is basically finding the outside and the inside of the fabric and laying the pieces facing them in the right position and sewing from the inside and not the outside. Did that make sense????? Whatever. This is a no brainer if you've sewn for a while. 
Now the picture above shows how it will look like after the last step has been done. :) 
And this is the closer look. Obviously the hem and excess fabric is inside. Now I'm done with the front part. 
Now the back part. So I cut a piece of fabric on the back part just like in the photo, I will attach this to the upper back part of the dress and also is going to be attached into the sides of the front part. The thing is, I forgot to take a photo of the process, So forgive me. I will just explain what I did. :P

After all that, I sew a garter measuring the circumference of my lower chest and attached onto the part where the upper and lower piece of the dress meets.
And then On the remaining fabric, I cut 2 strips of fabrics measuring 16x2.5 inches and folded it, sew it and attached it to the dress. I just added a big belt to accessorize. 

DIY Beaded Pearly Necklace

I made a kind of collar necklace out of black round beads and some faux pearls from an old bracelet. I really wanted to have a collar necklace because I realize I don't have a lot of accessories to go with my outfits. I was really happy with the finished product and I really wanted to share it here on my blog.

So here it is. I filmed how I did the necklace so that if you want to make this kind of necklace too, You will know how.

Here's my video tutorial of this necklace. Please watch and if you have a Youtube account, Please LIKE this video, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to my channel 
CLICK THIS to go to my channel.

Enjoy! ^_^

Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: Avon Super Shock Max Mascara

Hey everyone, So I did a review about my current favorite mascara. It's from Avon and I am super loving it, That's why I did a kind of rave review about it on my Youtube Channel.

If you want to know more about this mascara and how I feel and my opinion about it. Then just watch my review and try this mascara out if you haven't yet. 

                                                    Review: Avon Super Shock Max Mascara

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Got mah free samples from Sample Room

So I received my sample room package last Tuesday which was a big surprise because I only ordered them on Monday and I got the package the very next day. I seriously thought it would take like 4 days or a week to be shipped to me. So I was really happy about that and that was a little positive review for sample room. lol. They ship your items really fast.

So I got the package in this kind of aqua blue plastic packaging from Xend(local courier in the Philippines).

 Inside is the brown bag that has the logo of Sample Room on it and at the back is a cute little sticker again with the logo of Sample Room but in pink and it is used to seal the bag. But I really like the sticker, I wish they would also include like a free sticker of sample room that's not yet used. lol

 Contained in the brown bag was these 3 Moringa-02 products which are soap, lotion and toner. All for the purpose of skin care.

These are all in full sizes and sealed so they're really brand new.  I also checked the expiration date and it's good to use until 2015. I just checked it to make sure. No harm done, right!? I also checked the smell of each and they all smell exactly the same which is like citrusy minty scent. Absolutely no trace of malunggay scent so they're good to go.

Thanks for these FREE samples Sampleroom. I've tried these products out for a couple days and I am so excited to give my thoughts and experiences with these products and I can't wait to purchase some new samples from sampleroom. But I really hope they would offer more cosmetic stuff so that I can review it also on my Youtube Beauty Channel.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ordered Free Samples

YAY for me. I just ordered some free skin care/body care products on Sample Room.

In case you don't know what sample room is, It is a website where you can order some free samples for skin care, hair care, body care, fragrance, cosmetics, health and fitness. They give their member free sample that you can buy using the points you earn from their site. And the best thing about this website is..... Most of the time, the samples they are giving away is in full size which is awesome. They are absolutely free. The only thing you have to pay for is the shipping fee which is P100 for Metro Manila area and P130 f you're residing outside of Metro Manila like me.

Now let me talk about how I ordered the products a few hours ago. I got free 100 points upon registration to their website and that's what I used to purchase the products. I have not received the products yet and the status of my order is still in pending mode. But don't get me wrong, I already paid for the shipping fee using my Paypal. I read on their FAQs page that I have to wait like 3-4 working days upon approval of my order before I receive my products. I am just too excited about this so I really had to talk about it.

The products that I purchased are:
Moringa-02 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion 125ml full size - This is P129.75 in the market
Moringa-02 Malunggay Herbal Facial Toner 100ml full size - This is P89.75 in the market
Moringa-02 Malunggay Herbal Soap 60g - This is P49.75 in the market

Again, I got all of this for free. Well I don't really have them yet but I'm sure I will soon. The only thing I paid for was the shipping fee using my paypal balance. There are a lot of other payment methods you can use like, bank deposits(BDO/BPI), Gcash, Smartmoney etc.

I read the reviews for these products and I was very impressed with all the positive feedback. I am guessing like 98% of the people who have purchased these products on sample room said that they will buy this product again. I hope I will love the products too.

I will wait for the products to arrive and I will try if it works for me as well and then I will do a review here on my blog also about my experiences with the products and with sample room.

If you are interested to be a part of sample rooms growing community, Leave your email address on the comment section. Thanks and have a great day everyone. ^_^


BUsy Busy Busy

Oh my gosh. I feel like I have not been able to blog for ages. I was just too busy with editing videos and preparing my little boy for school again and also my hubby for work. I used up all my free time to film and edit videos for my Youtube channel.

Anywayzzzzzzzz. I just want to update my blog today. Here are my videos that has been taking up all my time. I just edited and uploaded a few new videos on my channel and almost all of it are about skincare and makeup.

In this video, I did a makeup tutorial using silver and black eyeshadow and very light face and lip makeup.
I just called this my "Silver Smokey Makeup Tutorial | berrypink23".....
If you would like to learn how to recreate this makeup look, Please watch this video. :)

Now I was tagged my BlendBlush, One of the Filipina Beauty guru's that I am following. The tag is called the
                                                             "40 Beauty Questions Tag"

I also made a new "HAUL" video because I went to some stores and bought some beauty and skincare products for myself. This is for the whole month of may and then on the first week of june. Watch this :)

And the last video that I made was my current "Foundation Routine" and also a quick mini haul is included in the Video because again, I bought some stuff and it was after I did the haul video so I didn't get the chance to include the new stuff I got on my last haul.

So that s all the videos I've uploaded since I last posted a blog. I know, there's not a lot of videos but It takes a lot of time to film and edit these even though you will just watch it for a few minutes. Well I still hope you enjoy these videos and maybe learn something from them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Black and Gray

DIYed my hubby's old shirt which he doesn't wear anymore. I cut strips on the shoulder part making an ovan pattern to make it look more edgy. I think it turned out great and I love it.

I really missed wearing my Vans old school skater shoes and I thought it would look perfect with the shirt I made together with the crocheted slouchy beanie that my mom made for me. I love this look. Such a laid back and comfortable look. 

Monday, May 06, 2013

Laced and Red

White laced top together with a dark denim shorts looked so good with red accent pieces. I just love pairing white with red and dark denim. This outfit looks casual and classy at the same time.

Talking about the clothes I am wearing, The top was actually like an heirloom(well sort of) from my late grandma. I remember when she gave it to me and I didn't like it because it originally has long sleeves but the sleeves aren't long enough for the length of my arm and it looked awkward, plus it looked old back then and it was old because it's my grandmas old stuff. But I don't want to throw it away. So I decided to do what I always do to clothes that  looked weird on me but I don't want to throw or give away. I "Resfashion" them! So I cut off the sleeves and yeah, It turned out nice.

Now the shorts are from my mother in law. This is my favorite pair of denim shorts as of now. I mean, I can't even talk about how much I'm in love with these shorts right now. The shoes, I also love and every single item I am wearing.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer Hairstyle 2013

I am loving braids this year. I got so caught up in braiding my hair and wearing hair accessories when I saw this waterfall braid hair tutorial on youtube and found out that it is in fashion this time of year so I think I'm in the right track.

So anyways, I also posted my very own waterfall braid hair tutorial on my Youtube channel and also included the tutorial for the flower head piece that I used. Please watch my video if you are interested to see how I do the waterfall braid and maybe learn how you can make your own flower hair accessory that is very much perfect for the summer.

Here's my video. Hope you like this and if you do please thumbs up my video and if you want you can also subscribe. I am berrypink23 on youtube. :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

March Collective Makeup Haul 2013

I have been collecting makeup this year because I started a new Youtube channel which is about beauty, fashion and DIY. Some of my makeup are just the cheap ones that you can buy at tiangges and market places. So I decided to try out makeup that are found in malls and drugstores and also, makeup from avon and some other direct selling companies that are popular here in the Philippines.

Here are the products that I got all throughout the month of march.

First makeup that I got is this Avon Super Shock Max Mascara together with this Avon Style Essentials Eyelash Curler.
                                                  Avon Super Shock Max Mascara - P249
                                                 Avon Style Essentials Eyelash Curler - P179

And then from Fashion 21. This is actually my very first fashion 21 makeup product and I did a review of this product on my previous blog post.
                                          Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder Mineral Based - P155

And then also my first ever ELF product is this eyeliner pen. I will also do a review of this product maybe here on my blog and on my youtube channel.
                                            Elf Water Proof Eyeliner Pen in Black - P129.75

The next makeup product that I got is this eyeshadow duo in the shade hazel touch. This is from Natasha.
                                           Natasha Sketches Graffiti Eyeshadow Duo - P150

And then these mac and heng fang dupe lipsticks that I got from tiangges.
                                                            Mac Dupe Force of Love - P45
                                                              Heng Fang Light Pink - P20

I also got some face care products from watson's at SM Department Store. I am using these to remove dirt and makeup on my face.
 SureAid Petroleum Jelly (baby fresh scent) - P25 and Eskinol Classic White Facial Deep Cleanser -P34.75

That's that for all the products that I have been buying during the month of march. For more information about these products, watch my march 2013 haul video. :)
            And please check out my other videos here:

Friday, April 05, 2013

DIY Tutorial: Cute Mini Makeup Bag

I made this mini makeup bag out of left over fabric, bought a zipper and added a bow accent to it to make it look cuter. I found a pattern for this on pinterest. but mine's a little different.  
So here, I decided to film it while I was making the bag and shared on my youtube channel and here on my blog as well. 
( )

Please also check out my channel here:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

REVIEW: Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder (mineral-based)

Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder (mineral-based)

Enrich your skin with the Fine Blush Powder made with only the purest, softest minerals. It gives natural smooth coverage while giving you natural glowing skin. Gentle for all skin types.

First of all, This is the first time that I bought and used a Fashion 21 product. This Fine Blush Powder from fashion 21 comes with a built in blush brush that collects powder from the inside of the container and transfer it to the cheeks evenly and it even has a small round mirror on top. I love the look of the packaging and the fact that this has it's own brush already built in. I can easily slip this in my bag and I don't even need to bring a brush. Although I must say that the brush is not very soft. It's a little scratchy but still tolerable.

I got the no. 7 shade which looks like a light orange coral tone that looks very natural when applied on my cheeks. It has very tiny gold shimmers that gives a natural glow on my face. Perfect for everyday look. This did not cause me any breakouts or allergic reactions, BUT......

The only thing that concerns me about this products is that this contains parabens. Paraben is widely used by cosmetics companies because this preserves their cosmetic products giving it longer lifespan. I read that parabens are found present in the breast tissue of some breast cancer patients. They say that it was proven that it penetrates the skin and can be found in the blood just a few minutes after application. Scary right?! But I think a lot of cosmetic products has paraben and I've never heard of makeup with paraben being one of the main source of breast cancer. So I think I'm still going to be using this blush because it works really well and gives natural color to my cheeks.

- Handy
- Easy to use
- Very nice pigmentation on the cheeks
- The powder itself smells kind of nice
- I like the packaging
- Can easily be found on local drugstores and department stores
- Affordable for only P155

- The brush is not very soft but tolerable
- Doesn't stay too long on my face(maybe because I'm sweaty and I always wipe sweat of my face)
- Paraben is present in the ingredients

Will I buy this product again?????
Maybe or maybe not. I can't really decide for now whether I am going to be buying more of this or not because I love a lot of things about it yet the only bad thing about it (paraben) really bothers me. If it happens that they remove paraben in the ingredients I will surely buy more of this, all shades because I really love this product.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I know it is way too late for a valentines day update, But I am doing it anyway!
Well, This year, Valentines day for me is like any other normal day, except when I received some unexpected presents from my sweet hubby and from my little boy. I was so surprised when they gave me these. I loved it so much and I was very happy that they did actually thought of making valentines day special for me. I felt really special. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bracelet Reconstruction: Boring to Stylish

I have some fancy bracelets that have been sitting inside my jewelry box and have not been used in a long time. Some of them either has a broken lock, dirty, old and boring. Since a few months ago I decided to collect bracelets and arm candies for the purpose of the trend "stacked bracelets". I thought about reconstructing those old, boring and broken bracelets in my box and add them to my collection. 

Here's a step by step tutorial on how I refashioned this bracelet and the materials I used.
PS: Sorry for the quality of the photos. My camera is not high def. on photos, especially on small pieces like this.
 See how plain and boring it was before? It even had a broken lock. All I did was added some new beads and bead crowns and made it into a stretchy bracelet so there's no need for a lock.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Denim Jacket Reconstruction Tutorial

I have this greenish brown denim jacket that was actually my moms. She doesn't wear it anymore though. So I though I could use it. but the sleeves are too big for my arms. Then I saw this denim vest in an online shop on instagram and I really wanted to buy it but I was short on cash that time. Then I saw my moms denim jacket and thought maybe I can reconstruct it into a vest just like the one I wanted to buy. 

So I did it. And now I want to share with you how I made it and how it turned out. Because I super love the outcome and I already wore it on our movie date with my family. :)

Here's how......