Friday, December 13, 2013

My Thrift Finds

I have been thrifting a lot this year and I have found some great stuff so far. A new thrift store has opened a few months ago and I've been going there a lot since. I love how affordable the clothes are but still if you look closely and patiently, You will definitely find some great treasures hiding in all those racks. Also, I have been visiting some other "ukay ukay" near my location. I really enjoy looking through the many racks of clothing, shoes, and bags from those thrift shops and I love how I can buy a lot of stuff with just a limited amount of cash in my pocket.

So here are some of the treasures I found while thrifting. I promise you, all the stuff I got all together will not reach P1000 in total. They might not even amount to P500 all in all and some are even from famous brands of clothing.

The first one is this oversized knit cardigan that I absolutely love. I have worn this cardigan many times since I bought it. This only cost me P35. Super affordable yet so stylish.

This is a super cute sweater and this is from the brand BASIC HOUSE which is a brand that is famous in Korea endorsed by famous Korean actor and actress Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Hyun Joong. Basic House has also opened some stores here in the Philippines. I got this one for only P35 at a thrift shop and it looks like it hasn't been used that much. So it's a great deal.

I have been wanting to get a denim jacket for the longest time, but I can't really find anything in my budget. lol. I know, I am not a fan of spending a lot of money on just one clothing item and denim jackets are really expensive on malls. Although it's kind of hard to find a good one in thrift shops because they usually have only huge ones. But then, I got lucky and finally found one that fits just right and the design is not too ridiculous looking. lol. I paid only P20 for this one, although it's missing its buttons. But anyway, I can easily replace those and I'm pretty sure the buttons won't cause me a lot.

Now this corally pink blazer just caught my attention the first time pulled it out of the rack and laid eyes on it. I swear I could not let it go. I don't know for sure, but I was so scared it might be taken by other buyers if I put it back on the rack, So I just held on to it while looking for other things to buy. Although this was one size larger than my size, I just could not let it go, because I know on the back of my mind that I can surely alter it myself and I did and it fits me perfectly now. Paid P20 for this beauty.

This little black dress was just what I was looking for when I went to my favorite thrift shop. The dress is just plain and simple. Not too dressy, not too boring, but it can be worn on different occasions and even when you're just going to the mall or a date. Just add sparkly jewelry, a nice little clutch and a sexy pair of heels and you're good to go for a romantic dinner date. Or you can just wear a ballet shoes with a matching handbag and go for a more casual look for going shopping with your BFF's. This dress was only P20. I'm not familiar with the brand but it says Jil Co. Fashion.

I really love polka dot prints. I don't know why, But I'm just so attracted to it. This black and white polka dotted denim jacket just got me hooked and again, I can't bare to let it off my hands. I think this is kind of a unique piece, So I just bought it. Even though, it's a little too big for me. I thought to myself, Well I can alter this too. Because I really want this jacket and I can't really ask for a smaller size in a thrift shop, That would be embarrassing. I mean, who asks for sizes in a thrift store? lol. Okay, so back to the jacket. This one is actually from the brand ESPRIT. This is my 2nd thrifted item from this brand. I swear if you look super closely and patiently in those racks of clothes, You will find some great pieces and branded ones too. This was only P20. What a steal, Right!

This is an unfinished high waist shorts that I made of a huge button down shirt that I found in the thrift store. When I saw the shirt on the rack, The first thing that came to my mind was "Oh my God. shorts!". I don't know, I guess I just have some ideas inside my brain and when I saw the material of the shirt, It just all came together and this is the result. I will upload some photos of the stuff I altered and refashioned from thrifting on my next blog post. So the shirt was also P20.

Now, This one I absolutely love. Well, my hubby didn't. lol. He thought it was too short and it will not fit me. He thinks it's too small for me. Should I be mad because he thinks I'm fat and bigger than I actually am? But his disbelief did not shake me. lol. I still bought the shorts. I love the color, I love that it is high waisted and I love that it is from the brand top shop. Which is a really expensive brand here in my country, I imagine this one to be in the P1000 price range or even higher. But I only paid P20 for it. In the end, I proved my husband wrong and it actually fits me perfectly and he was kind of shocked to learn that.

I just adore and love these army boots. I found this one in a thrift store near where my hubby works. the shop only sells shoes and bags. I was so excited to find that they have shoes and sandals for sale for only P150. I thought I could find something I like and pay only a small amount. So as I looked around, I saw boots and clipped on the front was a piece of paper that says P100. I couldn't believe it so I asked the sales lady first if the price of those boots were really just P100 and she confirmed it. So I started looking at them and picking out the ones I liked and tried them on. Out of 4, I picked my final 2. This army boots that says Bianca as the brand and the one from "GAP" which was a kind of blue-ish green felt material. I'm not really sure what the material was called. It has some 2 inch heels and also an ankle boots, which was what I was looking to buy. The Gap one was really cute and sexy looking and it was my size, but I can't really seem to fit my foot inside it. Well, I figured since my feet is kind of fat. Not the thin and sexy kind. So the gap booties were just not for me. So I went for this nice pair of army boots and they fit really nicely and is more wearable and not too festive looking. lol

Those are the clothes and shoes that I have accumulated on my numerous trip to thrift stores around. The grand total of all the clothes and shoes in this post is only P290. See!? I told you they won't go up to P500. How crazy is that?! I am officially a thrift addict, A certified ukayista.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you loved my post about my thrifted clothing and stuff. More DIY and thrifted fashion in my future post.


Friday, December 06, 2013

My Youtube Videos for September to November

So just to update my blog a bit on my activities on my channel, I will share some of my recent video uploads from last September up to the month of November. You might think it's going to be a lot of videos, But no, I didn't have too much activity on my channel as well. But here are my videos. Enjoy!

The first on is my September haul, I got a good quantity of to show in this video. Mostly beauty stuff. My makeup collection has really grown since the first makeup video I made on my channel. Almost every month I get to buy and receive new beauty stuff to add to my collection and I am really very happy about it.

Since the fall makeup trend is really popular these days, I decided to do a makeup look for it. I know I don't have all the resources for it yet, like the dark plum lip color or deep dark red, but Since I got a new Clinique lipstick from my mom and it is a brown one, I just mixed it with my pink flame and love that red lipstick from ever bilena and I think it worked well.

Now, this DIY video excites me. Because I have been wanting to do this DIY in a long time now. Finally, I did it and it turned out so nice. I already used it to the mall twice and I really like how it looked on my feet and I love how easy it is to make.
Yet another haul, this is for the month of October and November. I actually forgot to make an October haul video so I just merged both months together and this turned out to be a huge haul. The biggest haul I have ever had. Well, it was fun and I love all the stuff that I got. Most of it are from my mom, like 98.9%. I didn't even include my thrift store finds and the clothes I got from my mom as well. But I will include those in a different video.

Well, I think that is all for today's blog post. I hope you can watch all the videos I shared and like it. It would really mean the world if you could share it too. I need more views for my videos. hehe heh

hugs and kissy
Ciel <3 p="">