Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bracelet Reconstruction: Boring to Stylish

I have some fancy bracelets that have been sitting inside my jewelry box and have not been used in a long time. Some of them either has a broken lock, dirty, old and boring. Since a few months ago I decided to collect bracelets and arm candies for the purpose of the trend "stacked bracelets". I thought about reconstructing those old, boring and broken bracelets in my box and add them to my collection. 

Here's a step by step tutorial on how I refashioned this bracelet and the materials I used.
PS: Sorry for the quality of the photos. My camera is not high def. on photos, especially on small pieces like this.
 See how plain and boring it was before? It even had a broken lock. All I did was added some new beads and bead crowns and made it into a stretchy bracelet so there's no need for a lock.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Denim Jacket Reconstruction Tutorial

I have this greenish brown denim jacket that was actually my moms. She doesn't wear it anymore though. So I though I could use it. but the sleeves are too big for my arms. Then I saw this denim vest in an online shop on instagram and I really wanted to buy it but I was short on cash that time. Then I saw my moms denim jacket and thought maybe I can reconstruct it into a vest just like the one I wanted to buy. 

So I did it. And now I want to share with you how I made it and how it turned out. Because I super love the outcome and I already wore it on our movie date with my family. :)

Here's how......