Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How I Organize My Makeup

Okay, So I am super late in updating this blog. But I have been very busy the past weeks or months, So I can't really write anything. I actually just squeezed in some videos for my Youtube Channel.

I recently decided to organize my makeup area in our small house and it was actually a fun task and I got the chance to film everything. So just to give you an idea of how much makeup I own before, here's a photo.
Yeah. That's everything... Not much to look at and some are just cheap ones. Not even drugstore brand. But I have Maybeline, Nivea, Avon and ever bilena. 

So in this video, You will see how much my makeup collection have grown and how I will organize them using things that can be easily found at department stores, office supply stores and things I found around my house.

I uploaded this video like a month ago and as of now, I have added a few more products to my collection with a huge help from my mom who buys me a lot of great stuff which I am greatly thankful about.

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