Tuesday, March 26, 2013

REVIEW: Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder (mineral-based)

Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder (mineral-based)

Enrich your skin with the Fine Blush Powder made with only the purest, softest minerals. It gives natural smooth coverage while giving you natural glowing skin. Gentle for all skin types.

First of all, This is the first time that I bought and used a Fashion 21 product. This Fine Blush Powder from fashion 21 comes with a built in blush brush that collects powder from the inside of the container and transfer it to the cheeks evenly and it even has a small round mirror on top. I love the look of the packaging and the fact that this has it's own brush already built in. I can easily slip this in my bag and I don't even need to bring a brush. Although I must say that the brush is not very soft. It's a little scratchy but still tolerable.

I got the no. 7 shade which looks like a light orange coral tone that looks very natural when applied on my cheeks. It has very tiny gold shimmers that gives a natural glow on my face. Perfect for everyday look. This did not cause me any breakouts or allergic reactions, BUT......

The only thing that concerns me about this products is that this contains parabens. Paraben is widely used by cosmetics companies because this preserves their cosmetic products giving it longer lifespan. I read that parabens are found present in the breast tissue of some breast cancer patients. They say that it was proven that it penetrates the skin and can be found in the blood just a few minutes after application. Scary right?! But I think a lot of cosmetic products has paraben and I've never heard of makeup with paraben being one of the main source of breast cancer. So I think I'm still going to be using this blush because it works really well and gives natural color to my cheeks.

- Handy
- Easy to use
- Very nice pigmentation on the cheeks
- The powder itself smells kind of nice
- I like the packaging
- Can easily be found on local drugstores and department stores
- Affordable for only P155

- The brush is not very soft but tolerable
- Doesn't stay too long on my face(maybe because I'm sweaty and I always wipe sweat of my face)
- Paraben is present in the ingredients

Will I buy this product again?????
Maybe or maybe not. I can't really decide for now whether I am going to be buying more of this or not because I love a lot of things about it yet the only bad thing about it (paraben) really bothers me. If it happens that they remove paraben in the ingredients I will surely buy more of this, all shades because I really love this product.