Friday, June 26, 2015

ONCE UPON A TIME | Fairy Tale Wedding | Makeup Collaboration

Hi guys! Here's another Collaboration from Team Collab. The Dream Wedding Makeup Collaboration. I hope you will enjoy watching this.
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Monday, June 08, 2015

My First Ever Event - Skin 101 Bloggers Bash

So I got invited by my friend from youtube to attend an event. It's the Skin 101 Bloggers Bash. I was super excited because that will be my very first event that is related to what I do on the internet, which is blogging. I didn't know what to expect and how will the event go. Me and my friend actually arrived a little late. But we're still accommodated nicely. 

The Skin 101 clinic at Alabang Town center is nice and cozy. The ambiance is relaxing and the staff there are welcoming.

 I got to learn about their Revlite treatment from Ms. Ruby Chavez. They offer different face and body treatments that can help you achieve a more beautiful skin. Revlite Toning Facial, Diamond Peel, and Underarm Laser Hair Removal are just some of the treatments they offer.

After the very informative talk, We were informed that there is a buffet of food waiting for us. I really did not expect food to be included in this event. The food was great. I ate a lot, actually. 

This was my plate. heheh

After a nice meal, We got to listen to Dr. Jennie Diaz talk about some of the services they offer, the tools, machines and technologies they have, as well as the branches where we can get those treatments at. She was so nice and always smiling. So I felt really comfortable listening to her talk.

After the event, We received a loot bag(actually, A nice metal basket) Full of goodies.

We got 3 Skin 101 GC's, A big bottle of facial Cleanser, A big bottle of milk shampoo, A wrinkle defense stem cell serum and a BB cream. So thank you so much Skin 101 for these goodies. I'm really excited to try out your skin treatments.

Skin 101 has a lot of branches all over The Philippines already. So if you're planning on getting treatment for your skin. You can go to any Skin 101 branch near you and experience a state of the art and friendly service.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Shawill CC Cream and Eyeliner Pen Review

Hey guys! I have another product review to share with you today. 
I actually did a video review about this product on my youtube channel. 
So if you prefer to watch instead of read, 
You can also do that ( The video is located at the end of this post).
But if you would like to get more detailed information, then you should read on.

I bought the Shawill CC Cream and Waterproof Volumizing Eyeliner Pen from Lazada for only P379 for the set. Very affordable, Right? 
This was my first time to try any shawill product and also my first time to try a CC Cream. 
So I'm very excited to know how it will work on my skin.

The CC Cream 
It has a thick consistency. But when you apply it on your skin, you will feel that water is separating from the cream. It feels very moisturizing. For the scent, I really enjoyed it's refreshing scent that kind of smells like lotion. I love it. 
The coverage though. It did not really cover up all the discolorations I have on my face. But It did gave my skin a nice glowing finish. 
You get a lot of product for the price.

Coverage: Light
Scent: Smells like lotion
Price: Affordable
Quantity: You get a good amount of product for its cheap price
Lasting power: It lasted for 3 hours without fading away or oiling up (summer weather)

The Eyeliner Pen
Very easy to apply. I really love it.
Not waterproof at all, but it is smudge proof.
it lasted long enough on my oily lids.

Here's a before and after photo.

And here is the video

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