Saturday, March 31, 2012

DIY: Gift Box

In this tutorial, I will share with you how to make your own handmade gift box. It's very easy and super fun to make. Create and design your own box with just a few things. You can create a lot of things from these DIY gift boxes such as packaging for your products and you can even use it to organize small craft supplies and accessories.

The materials we're going to use:

- Card stock or specialty papers
(you can use textured or colored
specialty papers/card stock)

- Cutters or pair of scissors

- Ruler

- Pencil for marking lines.

- Glue (optional)

Let's start making some gift boxes. Just follow these super easy instructions and enjoy your handmade gift box.

I decided to make it into a slideshow tutorial. Watch this slideshow to learn how to make your own gift box.

                            Background music title - Ours by Taylor Swift
                                        Slideshow made by Win Tampos

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. :)

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