Saturday, August 03, 2013

DIY: Old Lady Dress to Cute Sun Dress

I love thrifting and I love reconstructing and/or refashioning something. I saw a dress in the mall and I instantly fell in love with it when I tried it on. I really wanted to get the dress, But unfortunately I already bought a lot of stuff and I might hurt the hubby's pocket if I buy another one. 

And then..... I saw this old lady dress on a local Thrift Shop and I thought I could make it into the dress I want. Just like the one I saw in the mall. So I immediately got the dress and went back home and searched for a pattern on google and pinterest. But, I didn't find one. :( 

So, I decided to just kind of eyeball it and just use logic to recreate the dress, And here is what I came up with.
I laid the dress flat on the floor and measure the length I want from under my chest all the way down below my knee, Because that's how long I want my dress to be. Then I cut straight.
I cut off the sleeves. The sleeves will be the upper front part of my dress. 
I located the middle part of the dress and marked it and laid the 2 pieces of sleeves that I cut earlier. Step 1 to step 2 in this picture is basically finding the outside and the inside of the fabric and laying the pieces facing them in the right position and sewing from the inside and not the outside. Did that make sense????? Whatever. This is a no brainer if you've sewn for a while. 
Now the picture above shows how it will look like after the last step has been done. :) 
And this is the closer look. Obviously the hem and excess fabric is inside. Now I'm done with the front part. 
Now the back part. So I cut a piece of fabric on the back part just like in the photo, I will attach this to the upper back part of the dress and also is going to be attached into the sides of the front part. The thing is, I forgot to take a photo of the process, So forgive me. I will just explain what I did. :P

After all that, I sew a garter measuring the circumference of my lower chest and attached onto the part where the upper and lower piece of the dress meets.
And then On the remaining fabric, I cut 2 strips of fabrics measuring 16x2.5 inches and folded it, sew it and attached it to the dress. I just added a big belt to accessorize. 

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