Monday, June 17, 2013

BUsy Busy Busy

Oh my gosh. I feel like I have not been able to blog for ages. I was just too busy with editing videos and preparing my little boy for school again and also my hubby for work. I used up all my free time to film and edit videos for my Youtube channel.

Anywayzzzzzzzz. I just want to update my blog today. Here are my videos that has been taking up all my time. I just edited and uploaded a few new videos on my channel and almost all of it are about skincare and makeup.

In this video, I did a makeup tutorial using silver and black eyeshadow and very light face and lip makeup.
I just called this my "Silver Smokey Makeup Tutorial | berrypink23".....
If you would like to learn how to recreate this makeup look, Please watch this video. :)

Now I was tagged my BlendBlush, One of the Filipina Beauty guru's that I am following. The tag is called the
                                                             "40 Beauty Questions Tag"

I also made a new "HAUL" video because I went to some stores and bought some beauty and skincare products for myself. This is for the whole month of may and then on the first week of june. Watch this :)

And the last video that I made was my current "Foundation Routine" and also a quick mini haul is included in the Video because again, I bought some stuff and it was after I did the haul video so I didn't get the chance to include the new stuff I got on my last haul.

So that s all the videos I've uploaded since I last posted a blog. I know, there's not a lot of videos but It takes a lot of time to film and edit these even though you will just watch it for a few minutes. Well I still hope you enjoy these videos and maybe learn something from them.

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