Thursday, June 20, 2013

Got mah free samples from Sample Room

So I received my sample room package last Tuesday which was a big surprise because I only ordered them on Monday and I got the package the very next day. I seriously thought it would take like 4 days or a week to be shipped to me. So I was really happy about that and that was a little positive review for sample room. lol. They ship your items really fast.

So I got the package in this kind of aqua blue plastic packaging from Xend(local courier in the Philippines).

 Inside is the brown bag that has the logo of Sample Room on it and at the back is a cute little sticker again with the logo of Sample Room but in pink and it is used to seal the bag. But I really like the sticker, I wish they would also include like a free sticker of sample room that's not yet used. lol

 Contained in the brown bag was these 3 Moringa-02 products which are soap, lotion and toner. All for the purpose of skin care.

These are all in full sizes and sealed so they're really brand new.  I also checked the expiration date and it's good to use until 2015. I just checked it to make sure. No harm done, right!? I also checked the smell of each and they all smell exactly the same which is like citrusy minty scent. Absolutely no trace of malunggay scent so they're good to go.

Thanks for these FREE samples Sampleroom. I've tried these products out for a couple days and I am so excited to give my thoughts and experiences with these products and I can't wait to purchase some new samples from sampleroom. But I really hope they would offer more cosmetic stuff so that I can review it also on my Youtube Beauty Channel.


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